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October 15, 2018


West Hollywood INSIDER: Mayor or Bully of Boystown? Plus More Gossip, Sightings & Pop Culture News


Mayor or Bully of Boystown?  There has been much self-promoted hoopla regarding the recent “philanthropic” efforts led by one Larry Block, the owner of slut gear retail store Block Party, located in the heart of Boystown. It’s widely known that Mr. Block collected checks from mostly well-meaning local WeHo businesses and then posted pictures of

Being Homeless Isn’t a Crime


In the comments section of an article published in a local publication discussing West Hollywood’s growing Homeless population, an enlightened friend and someone I admire greatly, Jimmy Palmieri, responded to readers who were less sympathetic. Palmieri is a WeHo resident, Human Services Commissioner and Founder of the Tweakers Project, whose mission is to “provide information

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