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October 23, 2018

clean and sober

Helping Others and Being of Service


When a person is recovering from addiction, giving back to the community and helping others can be great in the healing process. Practical experience has shown that nothing will so much ensure success with addiction, as intensive work with other addicts. Addicts helping addicts can help in ways that no one else can. There are

Newly Renovated West Hollywood Recovery Center Near Completion


West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tempore John Duran, and West Hollywood council member John D’Amico, both took to Facebook yesterday to announce the near completion of the West Hollywood Recovery Center (WHRC) at the Werle Building on Robertson Boulevard, located across the street from the Log Cabin Lions Club, which is home to several Alcoholics Anonymous

Introducing Our New Recovery Segment ASK KEN SEELEY


The month of September is National Recovery Month. WEHO TIMES is happy to introduce “Ask Ken Seeley”–a new segment that allows our readers the opportunity to ask intervention specialist and addiction expert Ken Seeley, of Intervention 911, anything in relation to addiction and recovery. Seeley has been involved professionally and personally in recovery since 1989.

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