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October 16, 2018

Brian Pendleton

West Hollywood INSIDER: Mayor or Bully of Boystown? Plus More Gossip, Sightings & Pop Culture News


Mayor or Bully of Boystown?  There has been much self-promoted hoopla regarding the recent “philanthropic” efforts led by one Larry Block, the owner of slut gear retail store Block Party, located in the heart of Boystown. It’s widely known that Mr. Block collected checks from mostly well-meaning local WeHo businesses and then posted pictures of

Proud Resister – Brian Pendleton Post #ResistMarch


Activist, Los Angeles Police and Fire Pension Commissioner and #ResistMarch founder Brian Pendleton, is on to the next phase in his life post #ResistMarch. He begins his journey into the prestigious David Bohnett Leaders Fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The fellowship from Victory Institute and the David Bohnett Foundation

Activist Brian Pendleton Wants to Recruit You to #ResistMarch


I interviewed activist, #ResistMarch founder, and Christopher Street West board member Brian Pendleton back in May. We discussed the importance of #ResistMarch, overall LGBTQ activism, the importance of unity, and our continued fight for equality and human rights. I also learned a few personal things about him and his family. Did you know his dad

My Interview with Pride Resist March Organizer Brian Pendleton for WeHo WORKS Magazine


I had the honor of interviewing LA Pride Resist March Organizer Brian Pendleton for the latest issue of the West Hollywood City of Commerce WORKS magazine. Brian is a busy man. His schedule was pulling him in different directions, but he was generous enough to invite me into his home to conduct my interview and discuss

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