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August 15, 2018

Madonna Tribute Bar Returns to Busby’s East


Madonna Tribute Bar returned to Busby’s East a week ago and so did the Madonna fanatics for a random celebration of all things M.

I was ready to hit up the Miracle Mile/Park La Brea/Mid Wilshire area for Busby’s East on Saturday, November 11, all by myself again without one or two shits to give. I was surprised when my friend Dan expressed an interest to join me. You see, what it issss is that I have a lot of friends who hate on me for loving Madonna, so I was like, “Are you sure you wanna go? It’s all Madonna all night long. There’s no opening act. There’s no break. It”s Madonna non-stop.”

And he was like, “Why don’t you want me to go?”

Busby’s is on Wilshire Boulevard where construction to the underground Metro continues to make it impossible to drive, let alone park your car in the Mid-Wilshire area. The venue used to be home to the Conga Room before it got too big for its bitches and moved to the LA Live near Downtown Los Angeles. Now it’s a theatre venue with a sports bar to the side, which makes for an interesting encounter in the men’s restroom when you stand next to a guy wearing an unflattering sports jersey, while you’re working the shit out of a Madonna tank top with Swarovski crystals, a rosary and runny raccoon guy-liner—let’s be for reals here, there’s really no manning it up when Madonna’s face is stretched tightly across your chest.

There’s nothing gayer than a Madonna gay that’s for sure, and the Madonna gays were out that night, trust you me, but so were their straight female friends, and from the looks of it, some of these ladies brought their boyfriends. It was a mixture. And just like THAT Busby’s East turned into the West Hollywood Abbey Food & Bar, only with a cool Madonna theme.

At one point Dan leaned over to me and said, “that girl over there looks likes Mariah Carey…”

And I was like, “SSHHHH!!! Not so loud. Not in this room. Not in front of Madonna fans!”

Body painter Marky Makeup was on hand to spray paint Madonna tattoos throughout the night. I opted for some Rebel Heart inkage across my shoulder. I carried that temporary tat for days after even though I swear I showered. It was like a tramp stamp at Micky’s that stays with you well into the middle of the week. I loved it.

DJ RAY ISAAC put a record on and played the soundtrack of my life. And music made the people come together. I think I saw a bourgeoisie and a rebel that night. But I’m not sure.

“It was a success and i love the madonna family,” DJ Ray Isaac told me afterwards. “They come to my parties to just let go and be free and embrace the love of Madonna music. Seeing all the people dressed up as Madonna from 1985 and dancing together was hilarious. The venue was packed as per usual. Never a dull moment.”

“People love and appreciate that I give so many Madonna Giveaways,” he added. “I go out of my way to buy things to give them away to make people feel special. Fans also love the fact that I mix the songs so well and play the extended originals. Yep, I don’t mess around and I play everyone’s requests.”

It’s nice to get Madonna swag, if you’re lucky, but the best part for me is listening to those M gems that never had their play in the radio, let alone on the dance floor. Dan had forgotten how much he loved the Erotica album and how it was part of his workout music in the early 90s. The energy that night was great. We straight up had fun and can’t wait to do it again.

DJ Ray Iasaac runs Madonna Tribute Bar twice a year. The next event will be around April or May, 2018

To learn more click here: Madonna Tribute Bar 

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