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August 18, 2018

Dressed Up for WeHo Halloween Carnaval No Matter What


The City of West Hollywood hosted the WeHo Halloween Carnaval 2017 in true traditional fierce fashion. The night went without major incidents, thanks in large part to heavy police presence throughout the night. They were seen patrolling Santa Monica Boulevard by foot and scouting the surrounding neighborhood on horseback to make sure everyone was safe.

The carnival turnout was not as impressive this year as it has been previous years, but to be fair, it went down on a Tuesday school night and the weather was chilly, which was mind-blowing, considering we had a miserable heatwave less than a week prior—however, I think a lot of people stayed at home this year because of the terrorist attack we had in in Las Vegas earlier this month and the attack we had in New York on Halloween, where eight people killed after a truck plowed into pedestrians. We’ve always lived in a world where any random stranger can mow down a crowd with machine gun fire for no reason/no rhythm/no rhyme, but that world becomes more and more evident and the odds of getting killed at an event like the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival are much greater than ever before.

I’m not trying to get my ass killed by some underhung fuckhole with too many registered guns on his hands and a nasty chip on his shoulder, but I’m also not trying to stay at home on Halloween night. I’m just not.

The tradition continued for yours truly and you best BELIEVE I let bitches HAVE IT in a costume that was part Egyptian God Ra, part Madonna Superbowl opening number, part medieval-warrior-bitch-Goddess—except I was a dude, or tried my hardest to embody one in my traditional shirtless douchery.

Madonna’s Super Bowl entrance has to be my ultimate favorite M moment in M history, so I knew I wanted to play on that, but I really wanted to boy it up. I think I pulled it off, thanks to the collaborating efforts of my friends Dan Mryglot (he created the AMAZING gold sequined and leopard print lined cape and the gold leggings), and Alberto Reyes (he helped me select fabrics and he created the Egyptian ankh to make sure no one confused me for an Aztec warrior). This one is one of my favorite costumes in the too many years that I’ve been hitting the Boulevard on Halloween night.

We went out as a threesome. Dan was a gladiator demon of sorts (he had a real metal sword hanging from his holster) and my usual Halloween sidekick Alberto was the Falcon Egyptian God Horus (he custom made the entire thing from Papier Mâché). The guy is very talented. And he’s a bitch (just kidding). Our costumes were well received judging from the hour it took us to walk two blocks from Westbourne Dr. to San Vicente and Santa Monica, even though there was plenty of walking space.

(L-R) Dan Mryglot, Alberto Reyes, Paulo Murillo – WeHo Halloween Carnival

It was a constant request for a photo, which is the whole point of dressing up. It’s nice to have your picture taken, but every year I try my damndest not to freak out by the cheap camera phones, poor lighting and horrible angles that could be plastered all over the Internet. I had to move people’s hands off my shoulder and put it around my waist, because I hate it when you crop a bitch from a photo and you still have an arm wrapped around your neck—#CropABitch

I have to give it up to some of my fellow Wehoans and their admirers. They held their own that night with some very creative costumes. I saw a ton of Egyptians–some that gave me a run for my money (the Superbowl headpiece came all the way from Thailand–it was not cheap). There were a ton of monsters and masterellas, handmaidens (of course), drag queens, and I actually saw a Madonna this year, which is always fun.

There is all this programing that happens throughout the night at the carnival with A-list DJs and a list of performers, but I can never make it to the main stage, because I’m too busy having my picture taken, or chasing people to take their picture.

This year the City of West Hollywood crowned Jake DuPree, the web sensation, dancer, fitness instructor, and comedian known for spreading unicorn sparkle, love, and light, as the Queen of Halloween this year. That one-horned bitch straight up stole my crown.

Photos provided courtesy of the City of West Hollywood. photo credit: Jon Viscott

Anyway, the City of West Hollywood continues to host a Halloween Carnaval that’s incomparable. It really is one of the most unique Halloween gatherings in the world–regardless of the threat of rain, the fear of showing up late for work the next day, or the threat of a terrorist attack–you don’t want to miss it.

It’s hard to take pictures when you’re having your picture taken, but here are some costumes I was able to capture that night. Enjoy.


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