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October 23, 2018

A Night with Mad Fans at Madonna Tribute Bar L.A.


An estimated 300 diehard Madonna fans braved Metro roadblocks on Wilshire Boulevard to spend a night dancing to Madonna’s music at Madonna Tribute Bar Los Angeles in Busbys East this past weekend.

I was on the fence about going, because I couldn’t get any of my Madonna-not-so-loving friends to go with me. One friend said he was up for a night of dancing and then he was up against it, when I told him it was a Madonna-themed night. He could not think of anything lamer than dancing to her music with a bunch of Madonna freaks.

I’ve never been that guy who can go to a bar by himself on lonely girl status with the hopes of making new friends, but I figured there’s a large Madonna family in Los Angeles. Surely I would run into people I know at this party, so I bought my ticket all last minute style.

My ass dragged. I showed up a little past 11pm. I wore a simple black and white tank top from M’s Immaculate collection moment, black Hugo Boss Jeans, black high top Adidas with silver tips and a simple white rosary dangled from my neck to complete the look.

When I got there, I worried that I had thrown away my good 20 bucks and wasted a cute outfit to boot, because I found metered parking a few doors from Busbys. The place looked DOA at the main entrance. I could hear my Madonna-hating friend laughing from an echoey distance.

Madonna Bar Paulo Murillo The Hiss fit

However, once inside, I followed the sound of that familiar voice blaring at the end of a staircase. I was shocked by the crowd full of Madonna queens dancing to The Queen upstairs. It was surprisingly live–a complete contrast to the quiet on the street. I could barely walk, it was so damn crowded. The bodies made the room hot as all fuck, and not in the sexy erotica sense. The air conditioner must’ve been busted, or something, because I immediately felt damp at the forehead and my hair went flat–not that the heat mattered to the people dancing up a slippery sweat.

Of course, I immediately ran into people I knew when I walked inside, so i wasn’t alone at all. My Madonna-loving friend Marc James wore an open black Like a Prayer priest coat showing off a bare torso. He must’ve been dying from the heat, but he was committed to his look.

I also ran into Richard. I’ve seriously known this guy since he was a baby. He lived next door to me where I grew up in Inglewood. He told me once that he always remembers me blasting Madonna’s music in my back yard throughout his childhood, and he blames me for his Madonna obsession today. Of course, I was like, “Umm…you’re welcome.”

So I’m dancing to a dance mix of Get Together, when horror of horrors, I ran into my Immaculate Collection tank top hugging on another Madonna queen. That would have devastated me a good two years ago. Ask anyone, I do NOT do twinsies. The pocket gay at the Andrew Christian store in West Hollywood told me I was purchasing a one-of-kind Madonna original. Lies. LIES, I tell you!

The old me would have sent that bitch home. But the new me (meaning the older, mature me) got a good laugh out of our who-wore-it-best moment. I insisted we take a picture together.

Madonna Tribute Bar The Hiss fit Paulo Murillo

The crowd was interesting. It was a mixed bag. It was a lot of Latinos guys who brought their Latina girlfriends. These women were having their moment channeling their inner Madonnas. Their outfits were just too many things. One girl did the corn rows and braved a Human Nature vinyl catsuit in the suffocating heat, but she did not break character.

So here’s the deal: I have attended some pretty lame Madonna nights in my time, but I have to give it up to Ray Isaac, who was producer, promoter, host and DJ for the night. He turned it out (visit rayisaac.com). His main focus was to keep people dancing. The M music was non-stop high energy. It’s not like we were expected to dance to the album version of La Isla Bonita. If there were Madonna performances, I completely missed them. The only show I witnessed was a lip-syncing battle that was hilarious and awful, all at once.

Madonna Tribute bar was well worth the $20. Where else can one go to dance to Madonna music these days, when they won’t even play her on the radio? M’s music spans so many decades, that you don’t have to be a diehard fan to enjoy some good dance music. I was impressed.

My only beef with the venue is that the heat was suffocating. I think people would have stayed till closing, were it not for heat exhaustion.

I left the bar a little after 1am, which is an hour later than I expected. My mood was transformed. I felt better going out than when I did going in. And that folks is the magic of Madonna.

I seriously need to get out more.


Madonna Bar The Hiss Fit by Paulo Murillo


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