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July 17, 2018



’s opened this Thursday May 31, 2012…and I just don’t know how I feel about the whole blood, guts, guns, church and the super feminine guys in high heels business she’s got going on.  I try not to let shitty fan footage sway me, but it did not get past me–as I’m sure it didn’t get past other fans–that she totally regurgitated some of the Super Bowl choreography and video backdrops for this tour–which is fine, had she not gone on record that she doesn’t like to repeat herself and the MDNA tour would be all new ideas.  Were we REALLY not supposed to notice?

I admit I’m happy with the set list, but not happy with slow rendition of , which sounds worst than the Marlene-esque Girlie Show rendition she did back when she was playing a lesbie.

It will be close to impossible to stay away from all the tour spoilers before she hits Los Angeles.  I don’t have a ticket yet, but you best believe my ass is getting to that muthafuckin’ concert (make no mistake of it), the question is how much am I willing to invest on something that I have kinda/sorta already seen before.





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