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August 14, 2018

VIVA LA RESIST MARCH – A Look Back at What Was

This Resist March article originally appeared in wehotimes.com on June 17, 2017. The LA Pride Resist March is now one for the LGBT history books. Most of us will look back on June 11, 2017, and feel the very definition of Pride. We will remember how we woke up at the ass-crack of dawn to march in solidarity with our LGBT


Dressed Up for WeHo Halloween Carnaval No Matter What

The City of West Hollywood hosted the WeHo Halloween Carnaval 2017 in true traditional fierce fashion. The night went without major incidents, thanks in large part to heavy police presence throughout the night. They were seen patrolling Santa Monica Boulevard by foot and scouting the surrounding neighborhood on horseback to make sure everyone was safe.


Clean and Sober for the Summer

I hit up the associates at My 12 Step Store in West Hollywood to ask how they plan to stay clean and sober during these hot summer days. A cold Corona with lime is no longer an option. You can find the July issue of The Fight Magazine at My 12 Step Store, the recovery


Starting Over in Recovery

Day One can be hard as all hell for someone who is getting sober for the first time. But Day One can really suck some major assage for someone who is getting sober again for the second, third, fourth (or more) time after a fender-bending slip-up. There are feelings of shame, disappointment or (worse) fears of


Crystal Clear for White Party Weekend

Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party weekend is only a few weeks away, so it’s a battle of the fittest and a starvation state of affairs leading up three days of parties this coming May 5-8.  The weekend attracts tens of thousands of gays (and some female friends) from all over the world. Gays take over the

Tweakers Documentary Celebrates 10 Years

  The documentary film “Tweakers” is celebrating ten years this month. In recognition of this milestone, the City of West Hollywood and The Tweakers Project are hosting a 10th anniversary screening of this groundbreaking anti-crystal meth PSA on Friday, February 17, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the City of West Hollywood’s City Council Chambers/Public


And by off the chain, I mean Larry Paciotti–better known to common folks as porn director, DJ, and drag personality, Chi Chi LaRue–continues to lay off of the drugs and the booze. Chi Chi made headlines last year when she found herself on girl interrupted status (more like girl intervened) after she posted a video on


Below is a personal ditty I wrote about being on the receiving end of an amends.  It was like… Opposite Day.  I’ve written about this before with not much closure until this point. The article was published in the latest issue of The Fight Magazine. Luv, Me === MAKING AMENDS Amending my past behavior has


Photo by Paul Vallejo The White Party Tea Dance pretty much concluded my White Party weekend, because by the time that Sunday morning rolled around, my ass and face had completely collapsed.  I was WRECKED!  Lack of sleep, being sick and being exposed to the elements of the hot desert sun had taken its toll.