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April 19, 2017


Paulo Murillo The Hiss Fit

Tweakers Documentary Celebrates 10 Years

  The documentary film “Tweakers” is celebrating ten years this month. In recognition of this milestone, the City of West Hollywood and The Tweakers Project are hosting a 10th anniversary screening of this groundbreaking anti-crystal meth PSA on Friday, February 17, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the City of West Hollywood’s City Council Chambers/Public


  Fab newspaper folded on September of 2006.  I actually got the news September 5, to be exact.  I remember being taken out to dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli in WeHo (now closed) and I was gently told that the last column I submitted called “Corporate Gays” (where I let ‘er rip about what it


What are we NOT doing this New Year’s Eve?  Drinking and then driving.  It’s a no brainier.  The only thing worse than waking up on January 1st feeling dehydrated and hung over with a giant headache, is waking up hungover in a cell, or in a hospital.  It’s sooo not the way to start a

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