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April 20, 2017

Paulo Murillo


  Fab newspaper folded on September of 2006.  I actually got the news September 5, to be exact.  I remember being taken out to dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli in WeHo (now closed) and I was gently told that the last column I submitted called “Corporate Gays” (where I let ‘er rip about what it


  I saw this young punk wearing a sports shirt with the word “Supreme” scrawled across his scrawny chest and a number 10 on his back.  It looked like a P.E. t-shirt of sorts, but of course, I immediately thought of American Horror Story: Coven, and how being a Supreme completely twisted the word to


Got a text early in the morning from my sister Hazel.  My abuelito Paulo Murillo passed away.  I was named after this man.  Of course we all knew it was coming, but we thought he had a couple of more weeks.  We figured he would wait until everyone got their travel plans sorted out to

I NEVAH said that

I recently found my name being used in a heated debate on gay marriage inside the letters section of the website mobile.salon.com. This uppity reader/letter writer quoted me as saying “I’ll never be fat, old, or ugly enough to want to get married”. My initial response was denial, “I NEVER said that! Misquote! MISQUOTE!!!” Then

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