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July 15, 2018


Then Comes Marriage


It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when singer/songwriter Michael P. Coughlin married his partner, theatre manager Tim L. Carpenter on April 22, at a private residence in Sherman Oaks. Their union was witnessed by family members and friends—some who flew to the greater Los Angeles area from San Francisco, Chicago, and Kansas, where TLC is from,


Freedom of Speech Did Not Give Milo Yiannopoulos Freedom from Consequences


Right-Wing hate peddler Milo Yiannopoulos taught us a real valuable lesson about freedom of speech this week; speech may be free, you can demand to say whatever the fuck you want, but free speech does not mean you have freedom from consequences for what you speak. As mentioned here previously, video footage surfaced showing Miss Milo advocating

The Hiss Fit By Paulo Murillo

Provocatroll Milo Yiannopoulos Defends Man Boy Relationships and Glorifies Pedophilia


Right-wing Pepe Le Frog mascot, Milo Whatshisfuck had a messy weekend following an embarrassing appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher last week, where he was told to go fuck himself for saying his usual pay-attention-to-me bullshit that’s too boring to get into. The shitty mess took an interesting turn when the white supremacist darling

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