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December 30, 2017

Freedom of Speech Did Not Give Milo Yiannopoulos Freedom from Consequences


Right-Wing hate peddler Milo Yiannopoulos taught us a real valuable lesson about freedom of speech this week; speech may be free, you can demand to say whatever the fuck you want, but free speech does not mean you have freedom from consequences for what you speak.

As mentioned here previously, video footage surfaced showing Miss Milo advocating for man/boy relations, where he speaks his flippant mind about the benefits a boy gets from a sexual relationship with an older man. He argued that it’s not really pedophilia if the 13-year-old boy is “sexually mature,” and made a joke about how a Catholic priest taught him how to give good head, which did not go over so well with his alt-right conservative pals.

Speaking his own head off came with a hefty price.

His freedom to mouth off cost him a big speaking gig. He was dropped from appearing before a crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week. Organizers of the American Conservative Union revoked their invitation to have him as a main speaker at the conference after they got a whiff of the man/boy scandal. They said they found his comments “disturbing” and the video “offensive,” which I found interesting.

It’s nice to know the conservative right has a line, but you must admit, that line is very low. Especially when you consider how Milo’s rise to become “the No. 1 free speech warrior of his generation” (according to Breitbart) came at the expense of attacking anyone non-white. There was no outrage from the right over his hate speeches. They defended his freedom to be sexist, racist, and all around xenophobic, and they forgave him for being gay, as long he positioning himself as an alt-right self-loathing homophobe. They celebrated him, promoted him and cut him a check while he offended women, muslims, blacks and gays, but he crossed that low line when he okayed old men to fondle “sexually mature” thirteen-year-old boys. Very interesting.

His freedom to hate-speak cost him a book deal. Simon & Schuser immediately announced they dissolved the agreement they made with Milo to publish his memoir, “Dangerous”–a book that Milo bragged would be the biggest selling book of 2017. The book may still sell, but not in a big way and not through Simon & Schuster–not after the man/boy flap. They paid him a $250,000 advance, which he will most likely have to pay back. Pity.

Finally, Milo’s loose lips cost him his job as senior editor at Breitbart News, which has to be the biggest shit kicker of all. He gave his resignation today. Of course, he tried to go down in flames on his own terms. He announced that it was his own decision to put himself out of Breitbar, but there were already reports circulating that his conservative colleagues were calling for his head. Again, the biggest defenders of free speech, aren’t defending his First Amendment rights now.

Here is his resignation announcement for your viewing pleasure.I guess I should to feel sorry for the guy, but I don’t. The guy is a blowhard, with zero conviction. If there was an inkling that he believes half of the shit that he spews, I could give him a tiny bit of credit for at least speaking from his hateful heart, but he’s just a fame whore who will say anything–even if he doesn’t believe it to get attention. You can tell he’s full of shit when you watch him speak. His gaze is all over the place. He gets squinty, shifty, sketchy and twitchy. The guy is clearly a lying gay–a bad one at that.

Oh well. If you lie with pigs, you’re bound to start stinking like one, and if you sleep with the enemy, you can’t cry foul when you wake up with a knife in your back.

It turns out the people Milo sold his soul to, sold him out. According to reports, a conservative group called the Reagan Battalion dug up the video and called attention to the man/boy bits, because they didn’t want to see his nelly ass speaking at CPAC. They shut him up without raising a fist or breaking a single window.

And just like THAT, Milo Whatshisfuck is finished.

Hopefully for good.




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