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December 30, 2017




paulo pride rings

Ohmygawd, do you guys remember pride rings?

I totally recall those rainbow colored rings that every openly queer person dangled from their necks back in the early 90s. These rings give me a total flashback to a time when you were seriously messing with your very LIFE whenever you put the rainbow colors anywhere on your person. They were about the gayest thing you could encounter–right next to anal beads, and they were bravely displayed in public during a time when the rainbow could get a bottle thrown at your head…or get you some head, depending on your location (feel the rainbow – taste the rainbow).

I had completely forgotten about those rings until I ran into a guy wearing a set on Santa Monica Boulevard around this time last year. I chased after that guy, and I was like, “Oh. Em. Jee! Where did you get THOSE?” He said he had them since the early 90s.  Then he totally creeped out when I asked if I could take a photo of them. He seriously refused to let me take a picture, which was like so dumb (bitch, don’t nobody want you, but you…).

I was a mini diva in training in 1991, so I refused to partake on the gay ring circus when everyone else was doing it, because…well…everyone else was doing it (um, like DUH). I used to give my friend Bruce (that bitch was loose) and Fernando (good ole Whorenando) so much shit for being so uncool with their gay rainbow pride clinking from their necks.

However, I didn’t have the same feelings when I ran into those rings last year. In fact, it was such a nostalgic moment for me, that I immediately went on Ebay to try to hunt for a set.  I remember you used to be able to buy these rings at every corner in West Hollywood back in the day, before little rainbow gay boutiques became extinct. I remember they made them in rainbow colored triangle shapes as well.

I finally found a pair just in time for Pride season this year, but they make them a lot smaller than I remember, but still super cute (visit prideshack.com).

I can totally picture Bruce coming at me with, “I thought you said rainbow rings were uncool.” He has a good memory–that one.

To which I would reply, “Um, it’s retro.” But I would say it like it’s a question to pump up the bitch factor.

Paulo Pride Rainbow Rings


Anyway, it took me almost over 25 years to get on board, but I love my new rainbow rings. I’m sooo bringing them back. They take me to a point in time when the rainbow colors had some real significance.












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