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December 27, 2017




It all began with the Material Girl for yours truly, many, many moons ago–back when the video was in heavy rotation on MTV, during a time when the M in MTV stood for actual “music” in a video format.

I hopped on the Madonna train late in the game, but the instant I discovered the beauty-marked blond bombshell dressed like boy toy present in a pink satin dress with a bow on her butt and diamond bracelets up to her elbows–a lifelong obsession began.

Marilyn Monroe? Never heard of her.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Never seen it.

The Material Girl record is the first 45 single I ever bought and I beat that shit to death back when I was a kid. I remember I’d sprint to the living room whenever the video came on during a video countdown program called Video 101 (I wanted my MTV, but we couldn’t afford it). It gave me pure joy.  I absolutely love, LOVE Material Girl.

Last night, I pounced at the opportunity to get a preview of the Material Girl dress and other Madonna gems that are on the auction block this week at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills.  Rare Madonna memorabilia include the costume jewelry and mink stole she wore with the Material Girl dress, the actual wedding dress she wore to marry Sean Penn (who she met on the set of the Material Girl video shoot, in case you weren’t in the know), the iconic Desperately Seeking Susan jacket, one of the Egyptian earrings from the same film, and a bunch of other collectible stuff from the movie Evita, items from photo shoots, different awards, props, shoes, jewelry, letters and much more.

I rarely use my press card to get me into events, but in this case, I dropped names and used every credential possible to RSVP for a special preview of the Icons & Idols of Rock N Roll gallery showing.  I went nuts with my camera and planted myself in front of that pink satin dress, with no form of shame.

Below is only a small gallery of all the photos I took.  Only those who are Madonna freaks like yours truly, can understand and appreciate how elated I was to behold these Madonna items face to fabric. I mean, I got all up in there and rubbed up against it. Truly amazing.




IMG_2673IMG_2883 IMG_2886IMG_2741 IMG_2749 IMG_2799 IMG_2886 IMG_2942


They removed the mink stole for a few minutes, so a woman could try it on for whatever reason. I elbowed people out of the way to get the following shots.


IMG_2922 IMG_2933 IMG_2926 IMG_2924 IMG_2923




Into the Groove was the second record I ever bought as a kid, even though it was packaged as a B-side to the single Angel.  I never thought I’d stand so close the the Desperately Seeking Susan Coat one day. The back of that coat was EVERYTHING to me when I was a kid.


IMG_2710IMG_2696IMG_2698IMG_2708Desperately Seeking Paulo



The wedding dress she wore to marry Sean Penn is also one of those very rare gems that blew me away, just because it was RIGHT THERE!!!  I could brush up against it. It was INSANE!!!


IMG_2664IMG_2766 IMG_2768IMG_2663 IMG_2693 IMG_2867IMG_2844

The collection of dresses from the movie Evita was extensive.  The dresses were beautiful, but they didn’t blow me away like I the earlier more iconic items.




And the list goes on and on from the True Blue dress she wore at the Who’s That Girl Tour, to the tank and jeans she worked for the American Pie video, to the frumpy Peaches uniform from A League of their Own, to the coat and cowboy hat she wore in the Music video and the adrenaline rush was too much. I barely got any sleep last night.

IMG_2701IMG_2983 IMG_2909 photo photo2 photo3 m IMG_2852

It was a great night. My pics did these Madonna gems no kind of just, noway, nohow.







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