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December 30, 2017





This is the kind of immature Latino bullshit drama that one can’t help but attach to the essence that is South Beach Miami FL.  This is how my peeps do it, right down to the poor grammar.

The flyer you see above was posted all over Ocean Drive in the heart of the Art Deco District.  I’m sure there’s a juicy story behind this little signage with two possibilities that come to mind:

A) The guy “Leo” is a professional and he ain’t playin’ around by posting his line of business on front street (well … maybe not so professional).  Dumb bitch is giving you coupon specials (the 1st hit is ALWAYS free) and digits with extensions and all the fixings (note the happy ending).

B)  This is most likely some silly, girlie “call for a good time” revenge plot that should’ve been scrawled in a men’s restroom stall (it’s what decent folks did back in my day) and not right out in public for grandmothers and children to see.  One can only imagine what poor Leo did to face the wrath of the queen who took the time to print and post.  I wonder if Leo got caught cheating with Christian.  The sign tells you to ask Christian, not to ask for him.  I wonder if the phone number leads to Leo’s job.  I wonder how many people pulled out their phones and actually called the number to get in on the drama (“Mija!  Que paso?  Cuentame el Chisme!).  I wonder how many people pulled out their phones and took a picture (evil grin).  I wonder how many people actually believed this was a real deal offer.  I do wonder.

And I’m left wondering.  I didn’t make the call.

Truth is, I like my two versions better.

Latin Drama. You gotz to love it.




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