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December 27, 2017



… and women everywhere dog her for it.

Read ANY online article about M’s recent attendance at the Billboard Music Awards and then scroll down to the comments page and behold the hate.

They call her a slut, a whore, they say she’s trash, they compare to Mae West–and NOT in a good way, they say they’re sick of her, they say she should put some clothes on, she should be ASHAMED of herself, they call her a terrible mother and they even say she will burn in hell.

And these comments mostly come from women of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life.

To which I say FOR SHAME!!!

I see M with chains dangling around some black granny panties with black garter belt, fishnet stockings  and a tight ass and I totally get that she’s jamming her tongue down her cheek the way she always has.  I see her making a clear unapologetic social commentary about the new sexual revolution where a woman over 50 can still have sex and be sexy.

And the x chromosomes publicly bash her for it.

Madonna says a showgirl needs her fans.  I say a showgirl also needs her haters, for where would she be if it weren’t for her detractors who are ready to pounce and dog her every move?

OK, so I’m a little bias, being a fan and all, but seriously people?  It’s like COME ON!!!

Give a girl a fucking break.




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