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December 30, 2017




My webmaster keeps telling me that I should go with the flow and place some ads in this here website to maybe garner some kind of revenue out of all my lovers, haters and lurkers that hit up this Hiss Fit on a regular basis.  He says there are like 16,000 websites that are linked to my page–whatever that means.  For the most part people don’t really leave comments after I post, but according to the back end of this page, The Hiss Fit blog has recently passed 94,000 reads, which is not bad considering I don’t really post as much as I should and I don’t promote this page with spam, or facebook evites inviting you to come to the event “Read My Blog” (uh, that wouldn’t be an event, now would it?  Try telling that to the assholes that constantly hit me up to join the event “Like My Page”).  Aside from posting a link on my Facebook timeline and maybe Tweeting about new content that I post on the board, I’m not super aggressive about getting people on board.  I also don’t give you porn–not even a cock shot, a hot guy of the week, celebrity gossip, or some STEWPID pet story of the day.   I just give you a little bit of the randomness that is moi.  And even though you don’t want yourself to be known, I know you’re out there.  I know you’re reading this and I know you’re coming back for more.  My dashboard tells me so.

Anyway, so I decided to quit procrastinating and signed up for the Google Adsense program to get some advertising links on my wall per the suggestion of my webmaster.  It can’t hurt, even if I make $2.00 at the end of the month–who gives a shit, right?  I received an email from the AdSense Powers That Be thanking me for my submission.  The email stated that it would take about a week for my website to be approved.  HOWEVER–funny story–it took them all of 30 minutes to DENY/REJECT/DECLINE my request  …


I say FUCK! FUCK! MUTHER FUCK!!! And fuck you Google AdSense.

Ain’t that some bullshit?

What’s funny about my not being “family safe” is that I’m the tamest I’ve ever been in this here blog.  I know I have a filthy mouth (or poisonous pen … or dirty keyboard), I always have and always will–I’m Paulo Murillo dammit!  That’s just who I am.   I don’t care if you think I’m lewd, but being DENIED for provocative content is just one of those problems in today’s society.  It takes me back to when Ebay banned and barred guys from selling their dirty underwear online to the highest bidder on the auction block (I was making a KILLING).  It remind of when Paypal stopped allowing you to use their services to pay for porn (I have to send a money order–ARE YOU SERIOUS!?)—I’m sorry but I just don’t understand the injury behind how I pay for my smut.

And exactly what does it mean to be family safe?  Is it because this is a gay website about a gay lifestyle that mostly takes place in a gay city?  Of course I wouldn’t recommend my page to children, but this is hardly a page that one would lose their job over.  It’s not like I would be peddling Toys R Us on this page and the way I understand it, you click out of the hissfit when you click an ad, but you don’t click back IN to the hiss fit from that ad.  Or do you?

Google AdSense makes no kind of sense.  No way. No how.

I have to be honest with you, seeing the words “We did not approve …” really flared my shame sensors.  Where am I nasty?  Is it the super low slung jeans in my cover page?  Is it bad that I’m eating my shirt on the main banner of this page?  Maybe the Goofy gloves covering my man pecs ala Janet Jackson on the cover of Rollingstone didn’t fly over so well.  I don’t show you my cock, but I talk about cock … a lot.  Maybe that’s what did me in.

paulo murillo the hiss fit

Who knows?

Who cares?

I don’t give a fuck.

Clearly anything connected to Google AdSense is not exactly plugged into my type of peeps.  Obviously there are plenty of websites with sexual, lewd, or provocative content that generate advertising revenue.  I may just have to go deeper into the darkside to do so.  Anybody need a penis pump?  What about a penis enlarger?

It just aint’ easy being sleazy.






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