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December 30, 2017



So let’s get something clear here…the hand blow dryers that you see above, which is located in the men’s locker room or restroom at your local gym is exactly for THAT–drying your hands.  Sometimes they place these blow dryers high on the wall so that you could dry your hair I imagine, but NOWHERE is it written in the gym locker book of etiquette that a man should EVER stand there butt-fuck naked and give himself a full body blowout while other guys walk away using their back pockets to dry their wet hands.

I’m sorry, but it’s a pretty putrid picture.  Ever see a hot muscle guy stand naked under those blow dryers?  Umm, try like never!  It seems to me like the fatter and hairier the man, the longer he stand there making quite a spectacle as he contorts this way and that way to try to get hot air in some hard to reach areas and unmentionable dark crevices.

I see it so often that it has become the norm. This evening I walked in to take a piss at my friendly neighborhood 24-Hour Shitness Sport in WeHo.  And the first thing I see is a pink wet orangutan bent over with both hands on his knees and his butt high in the air with his hole a-pucker reaching for the blower on the wall.  Exactly when did this become OK?  Is this some kinky shit where men got off on being seen creating this sort of scene?  Ugh, do these people know the meaning of propriety?  What about modesty?

There is a huge difference between a hand dryer for drying your hands and a something called a bath towel, people.  The gym offers a towel service, so no excuses.  I say grab a towel, go hide in a corner, and wipe your butt with the shame God gave Adam and Eve, like the rest of us.







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