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December 30, 2017



Don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of The Fight Magazine where I interview Olympic diving gold medalist Greg Louganis for the cover story.  There’s a small blurb of me inside which plugs this here Hiss Fit.

My partner took that squinty-happy-smiling photo of me.  We were standing outside the American Apparel on Melrose Ave.  My ass could never resist a perfect backdrop.  The electric blue wall against my yellow-peach skin tone was too perfect.  I was standing in the shade, cuz one should never take these sort of photos in the glaring sun.  That means my guy stood in the scorching sun while he got “the shot.”  And he was not happy.  I was already on a mean one and on his last nerve on account of I had just lost my wallet.  I swore up and down it was stolen by one of the employees at American Apparel—“I put it right here on the counter.  I SWEAR IT!!!” I insisted.  Of course the damn wallet turned up in his car, to which I insisted must’ve been put there by one of the A.P. employees after realizing that my ass was cash poor.  Anyway, I was digging for my wallet in the car when I noticed the blue wall.

And the rest–as they say–is print media history.

Again, pick up the latest issue of The Fight while you still can.

It’ll totally change your life.



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