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December 27, 2017






I reckon it’s rude for me to mention, but before this very moment, I only knew Project Runway‘s Jack Mackenroth as that kinda cute guy that got that weird staph infection on his lip which forced him to come out as HIV+.  It was a shocking TV moment when he announced that he was leaving the Project Runway competition early due to health reasons.  I remember being bummed that he had to go cuz I liked his clothes, but truth be told, I never bothered to remember his name.  He was just “that guy with the lip thing.”

Then he gets naked and his name is everywhere.  New photos have been released of him posing with his ass sticking out in support of his new dating and hookup site for HIV+ guys called volttage.com.  Who knew gratuitous nudity could still get a guy a media buzz in this technical day and age?  Yet here I am posting about him in today’s…. Hiss Fit.

Regarding the photos…um…err…I had NOOOooo idea that he was this big muscle queen, or that he’s been modeling and gracing magazines covers for years to advocate healthy HIV+ living.  It turns out, I DO know Jack.  I just needed to see pictures of his big bubble butt for me to realize it.   And speaking of his round nether region in all its tramp-stamped glory….I’m fascinated by how they meticulously removed his pink dot from every ass shot, so all we get to see is a perfect line between his cheeks.  It makes for a beautiful clean photo, but it kinda reminds me of a blowup sex doll—only a defective one, on account of there’s like…no hole, so like what’s the point?

Click to enlarge below and see for yourself.

See?  What did I tell you?  No hole.

I also recognize the Latoya Jackson military hat he wore in one of the photos.  That bedazzled hat could only come from my talented friend Donato Crowley, of Donato Style Design and the creator of Glam Monster.  It’s good to see Donato’s designs get the attention they deserve—and speaking of designs…I’m forced to wonder what these nudie photos mean for Jack Mackenroth as a clothing designer?  I remember his clothes were well made.

Anyway, if you’re poz and single and you wanna hook up with like plus status people, then check out the volttage.com.  That’s really the point of this blog.

To Jack I say if you have the guts to get naked to get ahead.

Then go ahead, boo.  I can’t get mad at chu.









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