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December 30, 2017




I can’t tell you how, but I JUST got Madonna’s MDNA!  It is blasting out of my speakers as I post this!  I pre-ordered it, so I don’t feel guilty about getting this a week in advance.  Actually, I have bought a LOT of it–I’m talking thousands of dollars worth–in the past, so no one can give me shit for cutting in line.  I purchased the deluxe of course, so I still have four songs to look forward to.

I don’t wanna wait.  Excuse me.  Coming through.  Thank youuu…

Below is my very own personal blow-by-blow of MDNA.

Girl Gone Wild — I love this song.  She’s got her sass back.  Catchy.  Very Give it to Me, only without Timbaland’s tired drumline.  I have definitely danced to this ditty in my room with a shit load of shoulder action when no one is looking.

Gang Bang — Hot-hot-HOT!!!  Nice deliberate pace and dark.  “Bang-bang–shot you dead” The kind of song you heard at an underground club, back when underground clubs were actually underground and not an event invite on Facebook.  This is my favorite song so far. Takes me back to doing bumps of cocaine in bathroom stalls when that kind of shit was kewt—“Now drive bitch.  And while you’re in it die bitch.”

I’m Addicted — Didn’t feel this one off the bat.  And not because of the subject matter.  It’s kind of jumpy and noisy.  I didn’t know where it was going.  And I’m not crazy about her vocals. It does build to something enjoyable though.  Need to give it another listen.

Some Girls — Hot-Hot-HOT!!!  Very 80s retro/90s techno.  Good hook.  Good Beat.  Fun.  Not your typical M song. Love her vocals in this.

Don’t Give A — She redeems herself for the horrible rap in American Life.  Fast-paced and catchy. I actually don’t hate Nikki Manage in this.  “I’m gonna be OK.”

Turn Up the Radio — A lot of buzz around this one.  My expectations were high.  I could dance to this.  Could grow to be a fave.  Definitely a cool sing-a-long.  But not sure it’s the summer anthem everyone keeps talking about just because it mentions radio. I could be wrong.

Give Me all Your Loving — I love me a terrible M song.  I have the early shit that people can’t stand and I enjoy a demo/b-side right there next to the biggest M freak.  HOWEVER, I can’t STAND this song.  Remove the Super Bowl and it doesn’t really fit in this album.  It should’ve been a Super Bowl exclusive.

I’m a Sinner — Very beautiful stranger/Ray of Light/William Orbit.  So of course I freakin’ love it.

Masterpiece — Love this song.  Still not sure what it’s doing in this album.  Filler much?

Falling Free — I’m in a dancing mood, so falling free is going to have to grow on me.  It’s a slow song, but not much of a love song where love is concerned.

Love Spent — Cute song.  I detect Abba’s Money Money Money somewhere in the chorus. It’s sweet, when you remove the whorie elements of spending money on the one you love.

I fucked up — Pretty hard title for a slow song, but I fucking LOVE I Fucked Up.  Very Nobody’s Perfect, but the lyrics will have everyone singing.  Personal and universal about a failed love/romance/marriage and clearly about Guy Richie.  I dig this song right next to Til Death Do Us Part — “I couldda just kept my big mouth closed.  I couldda just done what I was told.  Maybe I shouldda turned silver into gold but in front of you I was cold.”  Nice.

So here’s the breakdown from my most favorite to what I think is a total dud:

Gang Bang

Girl Gone Wild

Some Girls – tied with – Turn Up the Radio

Don’t Give a

I Fucked Up

I’m Sinner

I’m Addicted


Love Spent

Falling Free

Give Me All Your Luvin

Definitely happy with the results. Definitely worth the wait.  Definitely better than Hard Candy.  Definitely can’t be compared to Gaga’s most current throwback to those tired rock anthems (thank gawd).






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